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How to Plan Your Data Center Migration to the Cloud

Cloud computing is on every CIO’s mind but not always for the right reasons.  This could be because of the fears related to security, business continuity, cost efficiency and data availability.  Summarizing these sentiments, Lydia Leong, Vice president and distinguished analyst with Gartner says, “Efficiency-driven workload migration demands a different mindset and approach than agility-driven […]

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How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance in the Healthcare Cloud?

Cloud computing has overcast most, if not all, industry segments because of the benefits it offers.  From manufacturing to e-commerce, banking to insurance, and education to real estate, industries are adapting cloud for its inherent benefits. The healthcare industry is also undergoing considerable change with healthcare organizations focusing on delivering `smart healthcare’ which means non-traditional […]

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On-Demand Testing

Five Business Benefits of On-Demand Testing

Constantly shifting economic conditions has resulted in businesses tightening their IT budgets to control costs and remain competitive. However, while budgets are limited, expectations from IT managers are only growing larger. Most companies today have an online presence, and they need to frequently upgrade and innovate their offerings to stay competitive. This has led to […]

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things – Three Popular Development Boards

The Internet of Things (IoT) is developing at a rapid pace, as a result of the availability of small, inexpensive computing hardware. IoT development boards combine micro-controllers, processors, wireless chips, and other components in a pre-built, ready-to-program package.  Development boards come in various configurations and here are three popular ones. Arduino Uno The Arduino UNO […]

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Understanding MongoDB: A New-age Database

MongoDB,  is the latest database architecture for developers and data scientists. Its usage is spread across various user groups, industry conferences and events. MongoDB is popularly known as a NoSQL document store model. The data objects are stored as specific documents within a collection instead of storing the data in a traditional relational database like […]

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