2016 Top Tech Predictions – How cutting edge can it be?

It’s that time of the year, when – “Top Tech predictions for [Fill in the next year]” types of articles are the most sought after reads. This year, we have quite a lot of them. Tech experts have extended their forecasts, views and extrapolations for the upcoming year -2016 across media. I thought of curating all the tech forecasts by top research & analyst firms and give a low-down on how cutting edge 2016 can be?

While some predict customer obsession paths will be key to success in 2016, others talked heaps about scaling up digital transformation; Virtual reality and internet of Medical things amongst few. Here’s a curation of all the articles by top research firms.


During a Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, analysts presented 10 key strategic technology trends that will take place in 2016. Read on to know what strategic technology trend means? From the Device Mesh, 3D printing materials to Information of everything and Advanced Architectural systems, there are a lot of interesting developments in store. Read Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016


An eight page article on Forbes, is full of facts, figures and forecasts on top technology trends set for 2016. 2016 will be a year of “Digital Transformation” and enterprises would focus on scaling it up. Read on to know how digital would drive 2016 here Transform Or Die: IDC’s Top Technology Predictions For 2016


A unique article on Blockchain technology that’s moving up from a  start-up idea to an established technology in a tiny fraction of time. Watch out three important developments in #Fintech PwC’s 3 Predictions for Blockchain Tech in 2016


In an article by Computerworld that covers top 10 predictions by Forrester, 2016 is expected to be a year of action and customer obsession. From personalization to traditional companies standing up to disruptors, there are a lot of interesting developments that organizations would be gearing up for. Check out this article Forrester’s top 10 predictions for business in 2016

Juniper Research 

Just register and login to download top ten tech predictions where they provide assessment of critical developments expected over the coming year in the tech space, developments that will impact upon, and be driven by, both players across the value chain and consumers themselves. Click here TOP TEN TECH PREDICTIONS FOR 2016

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This article from CNBC talks about a list of tech developments expected to storm 2016. From flexible displays to wearable buds to Internet of Medical things as they say, there are 13 interesting developments that make an interesting read. Read more These technology trends will dominate 2016 says IHS


Car Tech and Virtual reality are two trends as the world’s technology industry is all set to take center stage in Nevada. Read more Technology in 2016: some highly accurate predictions


They say it’s already here. I mean the biggest technology of 2016 is merely a version up-gradation of existing technologies. This article gives a thoughtful analysis on how evolution of technology is not a rapid process rather a slow transition. It also talks about the unrealistic expectation we have set for IT to get “The Next Big Thing” right now. Read more The biggest technology of 2016 is already here