Understanding MongoDB: A New-age Database

MongoDB, is the latest database architecture for developers and data scientists. Its usage is spread across various user groups, industry conferences and events.

MongoDB is popularly known as a NoSQL document store model. The data objects are stored as specific documents within a collection instead of storing the data in a traditional relational database like rows and columns. MongoDB uses JSON and BSON documents to store data. It is an open source software and its document data model maps objects in application code. This makes it extremely simple for developers to learn and use. MongoDB helps to mark the requirements of new applications and streamline existing work.

MongoDB stores related information by MongoDB query language. Its fields differ from one document to another. The system documents are self-described hence there is no need to declare the documents. New fields can be added without affecting the existing documents in the collection. Documents of collections gives one the ability to represent ranked relationships to store complex structures and arrays.

We use state-of-the-art technologies coupled with best coding standards to increase productivity and quality of applications

MongoDB has the concepts of ACID transactions, collections, documents, fields, secondary index, embedded documents, $lookup, $graphLookup and aggregation pipeline.

The latest version of Mongodb is 4.0 which has enterprise graded security and mature management tools. Also, it provides idiomatic native language drivers, horizontal scale-out with data locality controls, and flexible / rich data models.

MongoDB’s Unique Features:

  • Most organizations choose MongoDB for its ability to build applications faster, manage important data, differentiate various data types, and also handle applications more effectively.
  • Application construction will be simplified as MongoDB documents map naturally to modern, object-oriented programming languages.
  • MongoDB has a unique feature to remove the complex relational mapping(ORM) layer which converts the objects in code to relational tables.

Benefits for Users of JSON/MongoDB:

  • Documents are natural
  • Documents are flexible
  • Documents make applications faster
  • Proprietary extensions
  • Legacy relational overhead
  • Complex data handling
  • No data governance
  • Schema rigidity

The common use cases for MongoDB are content management, cataloging, personalization, real time analytic and single view.

To learn MongoDB, one will need to migrate step-by-step from a relational database to MongoDB. Gradually one will need to become aware of the differences between relational and document data models and the implications for schema design. When this happens, indexing, queries, application integration and data migration become simpler to learn.

Search Engine Optimization: Enhance and Monetize Your Website

In continuation of my first blog titled “SEO Services: Proven SEO Techniques To Help Grow Your Website Traffic’, in this blog, I will continue to reiterate the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

Whether you have an existing website or you intend to build one, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to rank higher on a search engine.  Having said that, I would say that it is better to contract a vendor who offers SEO services to design / upgrade your website to be search engine friendly rather than experimenting with this on your own.  This is because there are several Engine Optimization techniques to choose from and it is better to leave it to the masters.  If you are looking to monetize your site then it is absolutely critical to have your SEO techniques in place.  If they are effective, you can be assured of a significant increase in traffic and ranking and have  a better chance to beat competition.

Not surprisingly, business owners worldwide want to be leaders in their chosen area of business.  This requires standing apart from competition, being visible to customers and then offering them a product which is better than what others in the market are offering. The first two steps can be accomplished through SEO. Through the process of SEO your customers will see your product as a `brand’.

Some of the key benefits of SEO are as follows:

  • Builds awareness among your target customers.
  • Positions you well against competition.
  • Increases earnings and profit margins for online businesses.
  • Generates increased online sales.
  • Better ranking for target key words

Since SEO is so critical to a website’s online success, care needs to be taken to identify the right vendor.  It is important to go with SEO firms that have good client reviews.  By engaging with this kind of a partner, and using organic methods integrated into various SEO techniques, you can be assured of good ROI from your SEO efforts.

SEO Services: Proven SEO Techniques To Help Grow Your Website Traffic

Webmasters need to be updated with the current SEO practices in order to establish a strong and visible presence online. This can only be made possible with the help of the internet as it presents infinite marketing possibilities.

If you are the owner of an online business and own a website then you can make your online presence stronger and noticeable among zillions of others who are also on the web. It is recommended to stay updated with the latest technologies and techniques so you can have that extra edge over competition. Optimization of the website by a professional SEO service provider can also help you get an increased amount of business identity with regard to your website.

As stated earlier, all online business owners need to employ a proven Search Engine Optimization strategy and plan to place user preference as a top priority.

Latest trends to enhance website ranking

Compare or audit your website and make sure that it is better in content and aesthetics in comparison with your competition.Do a thorough check to see whether your website presents all the niche/relevant information.Upload supporting documents, videos or images about your product or service as these offer additional effective strategies.Implicitly follow all guidelines recommended by Google, as it is the leader in the Internet search arena.

To have an easy access to your website, you need to get it authorized by W3C. That would make your site quite Search Engine Optimization beneficial.
All of us most probably know that quality content is king. Both search engines and online customers basically focus on the content offered by numerous websites. If your information is unique and costumer friendly, your readers can be engaged for a long time and can maintain their interest in your website. Ultimately, it will help you to obtain higher ranking on Google search and thereby increase your ROI.

It is important to focus on an account relevant title and page description as Google takes this into consideration. This also helps to draw relevant visitors.
Developing and maintaining a strong social media presence helps your brand rank better in search engines.
Publishing news is also a fruitful strategy as it can generate traffic for your site.
The above mentioned practices are extremely important for higher ranking on a search engine. To ensure sustained effort and good ranking, it is advisable to take the help of a trusted SEO company as they understand the requirements and can offer you a tailored solution.

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