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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Its Impact on Software Testing

Enterprises impacted by `Digital Disruption’ are forced to innovate on the go, while delighting customers and increasing operational efficiency.  As a result, software developers who are used to longer production cycles do not have the luxury of time any longer.  Delivery times are decreasing, but technical complexity is increasing with emphasis on user experience! Continuous […]

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To Opt or Not? Can Traditional Industries Use Machine Learning to Garner Business Insights?

Machine learning is a scientific discipline that uses algorithms to learn from data instead of relying on rules-based programming.  It works in three stages, i.e. data processing, model building & deployment, and monitoring, with machine learning binding the three together. The power of machine or deep learning cannot be underestimated and as Alexander Linden, Research […]

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Why QA Offshoring Pays Off With the Right Strategy

Digitization has disrupted existing business models, processes, and strategies, but some factors continue to remain constant, i.e. cost, time-to-market and experience.  Of the three, customer experience has taken precedence, making quality assurance a non-negotiable constant. Over the years, quality assurance has been associated with different implications including certifications and functionalities.  Today, quality assurance is all […]

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Big Data Analytics Can Play an Important Role in Healthcare

Global healthcare is in a state of flux with big data analytics emerging as a powerful tool to transform clinical, operational and administrative functions among others.  The healthcare IT market has grown from basic EMR solutions to specialized hospital information management solutions and healthcare information exchange systems and the Healthcare IT Solutions Market Report predicts […]

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Single or Multi-cloud?

A recent study by 451 Research indicates that nearly a third of large organizations  work with four or more cloud vendors, making one wonder whether multi-cloud is the future of cloud computing.  The recent acquisition by Google of Orbitera, a platform that supports multi-cloud commerce, shows that Google recognizes that multi-cloud environments are the future. In […]

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Software Application Development

Why Businesses Cannot Afford Software Glitches

In October last year when a denial-of-service (DOS) cyber attack on the DNS provider made many internet platforms and services unavailable, people realized how hopelessly reliant they have become on the internet. However, today businesses have a lot more to worry about as they watch and read about software system glitches. Very recently, some Starbucks stores were closed […]

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Digital Transformation

3 Compelling Reasons Why CIOs Resist Digital Transformation

A decade ago, businesses focused on data mining, search technologies, and virtual collaboration.  Many of them did not have a mobile strategy and social media was hardly leveraged to advance business goals. Fast forward to 2017 and most technologists talk about digital transformation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and machine learning.  However, if digital transformation is […]

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