What are the benefits of Phased Rollouts ?

In this blog, I would like to share my experience and views on “Phased Rollouts”. We have been hearing “phase” right from our school days, isn’t it?  “A distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of development is a Phase. It is the same when you come out of your graduation and start working, you end up working in phased environments. We have been seeing its benefits right from our school days and will continue to do so as long as the principles of phase are adhered. If you study well, you score well in exams. Similarly, if you work (study) hard in phases, you will ahead of the pack. Yeah, the terminologies change from industry to industry, practices etc.

Let’s dive deeper into a few benefits of Phased rollouts. Capital market always looks for profits / returns from the project execution. There are various financial models for project costing.  For example, Fixed bid, Time & Material, Fixed price + Incentive, etc. For all these models, it is always beneficial to run the projects in the phased manner. None the less, there are many projects that become an epic fail due to the long duration of the project without phases.

Next, being techies, technological risks / challenges in the project are always high during the initial phase of the project. Hence, addressing them in a phased manner always ensures high success rate. In doing this, the project team engages relevant technological experts internal / external to overcome these challenges. If the challenges are not feasible, you can always update the situation with the stakeholders and look for alternatives. Stakeholders will also feel their presence!! Keep  them connected !

Now, getting to productivity of the resources is another key thing. During the start of the project, organization would have identified a set of resources. You always have a mix of resources and all resources are not at the same productivity level. During the first phase execution itself, you will be able to gauge the capabilities & productivity of the resources. After evaluation, the management can take corrective actions like training, replacing the non-productive resources. This ensures you have the right set of team members who can ensure project success.

Another very important benefit of phased execution is you reach the market soon. You connect with the market soon and can make an entry early and take the share more. You also get customer reviews & feedback which you might want to include into your product in the subsequent phases. The feedback are real good as it helps you make changes to your project appropriately & also helps execute them in next releases. This gives a lot of confidence in the project you drive & execute. No point, going late to market with full comprehensive features of product / project without buy in from the customer unless you releasing iPhone X.0 J. Another point is, the more you reach customers faster, your revenue generation starts early!!!!

With this, I would like to conclude on the benefits of phased rollout. Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward for your valuable inputs.


  • Lingesh S

    Senior Director, Program Management at Trigent Software Inc. with 17+ years of experience in leading software implementation and web portal launches for various industries. He has a great flair for working with cross-functional teams and is a connoisseur in leading Microsoft, JS frameworks, PHP technology projects. An expert in waterfall and agile project management methodologies, Lingesh has expertise in handling the end-to-end implementation of projects, including designing, developing, coding, and implementing software applications.