Big-Data Team Setup Lessons from Alan Turing (World War 2) Enigma Fame

Alan Turing – The Man who saved the World by breaking Cryptic Bigger Data Code !

His team comprised of scholars, mathematicians, linguists, chess champions and intelligence officer who were unrestrained by any resources they demanded. They did prove their mettle by saving the World to say the least. Read Full Article BigData – Lessons from WorldWar 2 – Alan Turing’s Enigma

Little did Sir Alan Turing and his team knew that if his Enigma Code Breaking machine were to be released 100 years after the World War 2, he would become the father of Big-Data today. For his machine not only saved Britain from the Nazi’s onslaught but also was also capable of breaking 3000 Enigma Generated naval codes a day.

Turns out, we were more efficient in decoding enormous Alien data 100 years back to device strategies to offset wars. Ironically, with so much technological advances since then, the corporate world today still struggles to make sense of their own data.

According to a 2013 TDWI report, amongst the 4 major Big-data challenges organizations faced, 1) Data integration and 2) Getting started with the right project topped the list with 44% and 30% respondent citing concerns. These challenges were followed by other concerns like : 3) Architecting the big-data system and 4) Lack of skills or staff with 29% and 28% respectively.

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