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There is everything with Trigent Software that a successful software development company holds to obtain remarkable market growth and mark customer footprints for long, from happy employees to happy customers. How? Let us get it in the words of Chella Palaniappan, the Senior VP of Trigent Software, Inc.

Trigent Software, Inc is a US-based software development company that provides digital engineering and IT services. Established in 1995, Trigent partners with its clients across its value chain, enabling them to design, build, deliver, and maintain their products and services that help them rank higher in the industry. The company helps its clients to achieve their desired goals through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and absolute optimization of their IT environment.  The company’s decades of experience and deep knowledge of working in different domains deliver transformational solutions to enterprises, SMBs, and ISVs.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Chella Palaniappan, the Senior VP of Marketing & Client Services in Trigent Software, Inc., discussed the story behind the company’s establishment and his role to take it to success.

The interview starts with Palaniappan sharing that he looks after the company’s client engagement matters in Enterprise Software Development, Product Development, Cloud Integration, and Quality Engineering  Services.  The honorable VP closely works with their clients in North America to ensure the company’s ODC execution and offshore initiatives are smooth and efficient. 

The company’s CEO – Bharat Khatau, and other pillar founders have started Trigent Software with a vision to provide quality IT services to global businesses.  The aim behind its establishment has always been to transform them through customized digital solutions by improving their operational productivity, efficiency, and technology, reducing complexity in business, and increasing their bottom line.  Moreover, Trigent has created over 600 software products in the market for small, medium, and large enterprises, along with developing patented products in the semantic internet space.

Chella Palaniappan advocates the in-house team model in the company.  It means everything from planning and execution to delivery and support.  All tasks are executed within Trigent’s premises.  Clients get a clear idea about the progress of their projects and other details from a responsible and talented pool of over 500 members composed of project managers, designers, developers, QAs, maintenance, and help desk – all under the same roof.  The company comes up with the right customer engagement model.  It offers an onshore model and hybrid engagement model depending upon the requirements and budget of the clients.

Throwing light on the company’s track record, he speaks of its stellar success in the development world.  Along with developing 600+ projects and having 6 US patents, Trigent owns several trade secrets that prove the credibility of its high-tech resources. 

The company works with the same level of care and diligence to make the engagement a success.  The cutting-edge solutions, strategic insights, and execution of excellence are recognized worldwide.  The recognition for enterprise software by Zinnov in 2020 and IoT service in 2021 proves the company’s excellence.  “Our mission is to help our clients in “Overcoming Limits” of competitiveness, productivity, technology complexity, time, and budget constraints,” he adds. 

The client review below is another way to know more about how the company treats its clients. 

According to Chella Palaniappan, the customer retention rate in Trigent Software, Inc is 88%.  The company has been the trusted partner to many businesses from manufacturing, banking, retail, education, healthcare, media, transportation, logistics, insurance, financial services, and hi-tech industries.  One of the lasting relationships with their client counts for more than 12 years. 

He admits that Trigent offers next-gen future-ready applications for the new normal using AI/ML, cloud-native applications, and augmented reality mobile apps.  State-of-the-art quality engineering services like school safety systems and business benefits from patented technology as “Fast Rules Selection Engine” (FRSE) combine more than 25 years of company experience to provide a unique business advantage. 

The customer satisfaction rate of the company is always higher.  Toll-free sales lines or chat services on their website and direct access to the team through phone, email or slack channels are supported to cater to the client issues and queries.  The different pricing models are facilitated to the clients that run under client time and material fees.  Managed services model is always available at a fixed annual contract fee. 

The company is flexible enough to charge its minimum budget up to the bottom line of $25,000.  However, projects for millions of dollars are also accomplished by the company with repeat businesses and referrals.  Undoubtedly, Trigent Software, Inc ranks among Massachusetts and America’s top software development companies

“We continue to invest in our people and technology to stay in tune with the pace of technology innovation and the resulting disruptions in the ecosystem.  Trigent will partner with companies as they look to navigate the uncertainty and strike a balance between investing successfully in new tech and maximizing value from current infrastructures,” he concludes the interview. 

You can view the detailed interview on the company’s page on GoodFirms.

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Trigent’s Clutch Year in Review for 2021

Clutch gives Trigent a NPS score of 100%

Businesses depend on reliable metrics and data to make correct decisions. This leads teams to value and invest in tools and services that provide more accurate data. This is why when Clutch informed Trigent, of a new feature that analyzed and summarized all of the activity on our profile for the past twelve months, we jumped on it.

Clutch is an independent market research and B2B review platform. It is dedicated to showcasing the top service providers across industries and regions worldwide. The platform is widely acknowledged for its large collection of data-driven content, verified client reviews, and agency rankings.

We perused the entirety of the year-in-review feature and were happy with a lot of the results that we found. However, one statistic immediately stood out to us as the most impactful to both our reputations and operations. Every one of the clients who wrote a review for us in 2021 recommended us to their friends and colleagues.

While we always did our best to provide high-quality services to all of our clients, we never expected such a perfect referral rate would result from it. We made sure to thank every one of our clients & partners who took the time to write a review on our behalf. Now we repeat those sentiments today as this new information reveals the extent to which their efforts extended.

We also appreciate this new feature that the Clutch team developed for its users. Without it, we would never have known about this important dataset. This only increases the value that our profile provides to our core operations. It also places us in a great position coming into 2022 as it boosts our team’s morals and improves our reputation in the industry.

If you want to discover why all of our clients recommended our services, contact our team to schedule an appointment today. We are confident that our track record speaks for itself and that you’ll be recommending us to your colleagues as well.

Clutch Recognizes Trigent Software as Top Software Developer in India

As companies scale up their digital transformation initiatives, achieving the desired outcome is dependent on finding the right talent with skills and experience relevant to their domain. Rapid changes in technology, the emergence of new platforms and tools need high investment in training.

At Trigent Software, we have a customer-first approach. We deliver scalable, secure, agile, flexible, high-quality software that our clients require. Our goal lies in delivering next-gen software applications that streamline business processes and promises superior customer experience. Our team delivers innovative solutions using our decades of experience, deep domain knowledge, and technology expertise.

Headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts, we work with businesses big and small all over the world. We are proud to have developed more than 400 products so far. No matter the size of the project, we work with care and diligence to make sure it becomes successful.

We are thrilled to announce that Clutch has named Trigent Software as a top software developer in India. We are proud to have been considered a top company by an industry leader like them.

Clutch is a B2B rating and reviews firm based in Washington, DC. Their team of independent analysts conducts interviews with current and former clients of companies listed on their site. These verified reviews form the basis of their rankings and awards. Clutch carefully curates lists of the absolute best agencies and organizations by industry and location, simultaneously enabling companies to establish credibility and buyers to find the right services.

We currently hold a 4.8 out of five ratings as the top software developer on their platform based on 47 client reviews.

We appreciate the reviews given by our clients. Their feedback lets us know that we are doing the right thing in terms of providing our service. It only motivates our team to work harder and help more businesses overcome their limits. Check our profile on Clutch to see what our clients have to say about our services.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today, and let’s discuss the ways we could help your business grow.

Trigent Recognized as Top Cloud Consultants 2020

The numerous possibilities in adopting cloud services in your business can sometimes be overwhelming. Here at Trigent, our vision is to help businesses realize the full potential of cloud, irrespective of their maturity stage in the cloud journey.

Thanks to its cloud-led strategy, Trigent has empowered organizations to drive business acceleration, connected insights, and customer experience. We help them maximize their returns from their cloud investments by building impactful and disruptive cloud-based offerings. We understand legacy infrastructure and applications, having been in the business for over two decades. This puts us in a strong position to modernize legacy applications through the cloud, SaaS, and microservices building blocks.

In recognition of our proven success in cloud transformation, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been named by Clutch as one of the top Cloud Consultants in 2020! Clutch is a company list resource that helps connect businesses with the best-fit agencies or consultants they need for their next big business challenge. Clutch cuts through disorganized market research by collecting client feedback and analyzing industry data, arming businesses with the insights and analysis they need to connect and tackle challenges with confidence.

We’re delighted to have harnessed cloud to help businesses improve their results across KPIs such as employee productivity, operational efficiency, growth, and profitability.

Trigent Software Proud to be Named on Clutch 1000

Here at Trigent Software, we know it can be tough trying to juggle business success and staying up to date with all of the latest and greatest software innovations. That’s why we’re dedicated to IT outsourcing and offshore development! We enable organizations to adopt innovative digital processes and customer engagement models and outstanding results.

In light of our success, we’ve earned recognition for our custom software development prowess, and have earned ourselves a spot on the Clutch 1000! This is a list of the top B2B service providers, reviewed and vetted by Clutch’s verified research. We’re number 179 on the list, out of over 1000 custom software developers, but the only service provider featured from Fayville, Massachusetts!

We’d like to set this time aside to thank our wonderful customers for helping us achieve this award. They participated in client interviews with Clutch analysts to gauge our impact on their day to day business. They ranked us on the basis of cost-effectiveness, attention to project deadlines, and our overall quality of service. In reflection of those scores, we’ve been given an amazing 4.8 out of 5-stars! We’re so happy we’ve been able to meet our clients’ expectations! Please take a look at a recent review below:

For those who might not know, Clutch is a B2B market research firm that employs a unique ratings methodology to compare companies across sectors. We’ve also been recognized by Clutch’s sister platforms, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest, a site where companies can be identified as leaders through business metrics, list us on their directory of top software development companies. Visual Objects, a platform that features top firms and their visual portfolios, names us among their top custom software developers.

Thank you one and all for making this award possible! Please drop us a line if you’d like to start a project today.

Trigent Recognized as a Top Software Developer 2019

We’re excited to announce that Clutch has ranked us among the best software development companies in the financial services industry!

Clutch is an independent platform that objectively collects feedback from clients about each vendor on their site. By publishing in-depth interviews conducted by unbiased Clutch analysts, they cut through disorganized market research and help businesses find partners for upcoming projects.

Based on the data they collect, their team selects a handful of their best-performing service providers for their monthly awards.

We’re particularly proud to have been selected, because our overall client rating was a major part of the awards criteria. At Trigent Software, we have decades of experience, deep domain knowledge, and the technical expertise necessary for us to help our partners grow, and we’re dedicated to that mission. Since joining the platform, we’ve collected 25 positive reviews, giving us an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars!

Since Clutch has become a go-to resource for B2B companies, we’ve also been featured on their sister sites — The Manifest and Visual Objects. Of the thousands of companies featured on their site, The Manifest named us at the best cloud computing consultant company in India!

You can compare the quality of our work to other developers in India, by checking out Visual Objects, a new platform that equips buyers with additional information by showcasing the digital portfolio of the vendors on Clutch’s site.

To learn more about our services, contact us online. We’re here to help!

Trigent is’s 2019 #1 AngularJS Developer

With almost 25 years or experience, Trigent has touched the lives of hundreds of companies through digital transformation. We have been able to set an industry standard by keeping ahead of emerging technologies and understanding how to utilize a range of IT services. Specifically, our knowledge in AngularJS has caught the attention of, as we were recently ranked #1 in their 2019 leading developers report and in their Leaders Matrix for AngularJS developers.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., Clutch is a B2B site that rates and reviews agencies in various industries. Their goal is to unite businesses with the ideal firm to resolve a precise need. They rank hundreds of agencies based on a unique methodology that evaluates expertise, portfolio of work, and ability to deliver top-notch products for their clients. Their analysts spoke directly with our clients to assess these areas. Based on their research, we were ranked #1 in both their annual listing and Leaders Matrix out of over 1,700 firms.

Beyond holding this highly coveted spot, our success is also shared on Clutch’s sister-sites: The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest publishes state-of-tech news and how-to guides for businesses, assisting them in simplifying their hut for solutions providers. You can find us listed here among other ECM Companies and Java Developers. Likewise, Visual Objects is a platform that displays portfolios from custom software developers to creative agencies alike so firms can envision what a future project might look like.

Without our clients, we wouldn’t have been ranked #1 by Clutch! We’d like to thank them, as well as Clutch, for taking the time to review our company. Our team looks forward to enabling even more businesses in overcoming limits and becoming future-ready.

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