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Java Swing

Concurrency in Java Swing

Java Swing Programming is mainly used for developing GUI for desktop applications. This blog aims to provide a brief understanding of `Concurrency in Swing Programming’. Uses of concurrency in Swing To create responsive UI, Swing employs threads. The types of threads that Swing deals with are: Initial Threads – Threads which execute initial application code. This is where […]

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Web Application Development

OAuth 2.0 (Part 1)

Introduction OAuth 2.0 (Open Authentication) is an authorization framework which enables websites or applications to obtain limited access to a HTTP service (such as Facebook, GitHub, Google, etc…). It is commonly used as a way for users to authorize third-party (websites or application) to access their information on other web services but without sharing their […]

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Big Data Consulting Services

Hadoop – Handling Big Data

Apache Hadoop is all about handling Big Data especially unstructured data. It helps in streamlining data for any distributed processing system across clusters of computers. Activities on Big Data: Store – Big Data needs to be collected in a repository and it is not necessary to store it in a single physical database. Process – The process becomes […]

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