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PHP Open Source Development

Create Your Own PHP Extensions

Introduction to Extensions Extensions are pre-compiled codes or libraries which enable specific functions to be used in your PHP code. These extensions may be either a PHP extension or a Zend  extension.We can see extensions in php.ini file. ; syntax: ; extension=modulename.extension ; For example, on Windows: ; extension=msql.dll ; under UNIX: ; Why […]

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Basics of CSS3 Animations

What are CSS3 Animations? An animation lets an element gradually change from one style to another.  Why do we need CSS3 animation? CSS3 animations allows animation of most HTML elements without using JavaScript or Flash! Animation Property animation-name property To specify the name of the animation. div { animation-name: example; } animation-duration property If the […]

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Eloquent - ORM in Laravel

Eloquent – ORM in Laravel

Eloquent is an  ORM framework which is used in Laravel to make web development  easier and faster by focusing  on object-oriented approach rather than writing plain SQL queries. Also, by defining the relationship in the model classes, we could avoid the lengthier join queries in the controllers. Mappable is an awesome feature which is an added […]

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