Creating Visual Reports with Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a reporting tool available in both Web and Windows versions. Using the Windows version you can create reports and then publish it to a Cloud environment of Power BI and this can be viewed in the Web version of Power BI. It is a business analytic tool to analyze data and share insights, monitor a business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards on all devices.


Power BI Desktop provides around 65 `get data source’ options which you can get data and create reports.  The data can be fetched from various data sources such as Excel, Text, XML, SQL Server, Web, Hadoop files, etc.  In the following image you can view available options.

Here I have shown one option on getting data from Web API:

Provide the Web API URL and click `OK’/

A list of tables will be shown which is returned from WEB API URL:

On clicking `load’ yo

u will be able to see the following screen:

Now choose the type of report you wish to create from Visualizations and then choose the column fields:

The above shown report is in table format. You can now format the report based on your requirements.

Add more visualization, if required:

Save the report and publish it by clicking the `publish’ option (authentication required).

7.  Now you should be able to see the published report in (Authentication required)

Now you should be able to see the published report in (Authentication required).

Click on the report name (TestB) , We created this report using desktop edition and are able to see it in web edition

Using HTML iframe tags you can embed in a web-based application.


  • Mallikarjun M K works as Technical Leader with Trigent Software. He has 8+ years experience in software development and over the years has developed several Windows/Mobile/Web-based applications.