Customer Portal improves operational efficiency & customer loyalty

Since its introduction in early 2000, Enterprise Portal technology has seen its fair share of transition. A technology, which was first conceptualized to form the face of web went through several iterations & enhancements to come to the enterprise foray.

Use of portal for internal intranet, knowledge sharing and collaboration needs is a norm in today’s day and age. The focus has now shifted to extranet, outward facing customer, vendor & partner portals.

Speaking of portals, in its early days customer portals were used as one way broadcasting vehicles, but today they are perceived as solutions that bring customers closer to organizations internal processes. Customer portal driven initiatives show immediate revenue and cost benefits as they improve customer engagement, reduce CRM dependency, generate new revenue stream and improve operational efficiency.

Customer Portals can cater to various needs ranging from transactional data management, eCommerce, information sharing, customer servicing and relationship management. The benefits are relative but one thing is certain, it helps create customer confidence, convenience & loyalty.

Customer portal is fast becoming the missing piece in the total customer value proposition and thought leaders are using it to their advantage. Here are some use cases spread across various industry verticals.

Enterprises who provide user-friendly client facing portals with focus on self-service definitely have an edge. The benefits realized can be categorized into three broad categories.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Including customers in your operational processes reduces redundancy, improves overall efficiency & better relationship management.

Better Customer Service

Customer portal helps in query management, status tracking, request management thus reducing costs and grievances.

Improve Revenue

With greater acceptance of eCommerce and wider use of mobile devices, customer portal can ensure that your product or service is always just a click away.

Customer Loyalty

A loyal customer indicates a happy customer, which is imperative given the alternatives they have in this competitive market. Customer portal can be the intangible benefit that differentiates you against competition.

Here is a success story of an Investment Consulting firm, which realized massive returns Case Study

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