Is the Cloud ready to “Birst”?

Yes! You heard it right it is “BIRST”. You might have come across it, If you are one among those who are evaluating the current Business Intelligence (BI) Market, or have plans to deploy BI solutions in Cloud and so on and so forth.

Logi vs Birst Challengers in Gartner Magic Quadrant – Logi Analytics vs Birst

BIRST vs LogiAnalytics – Challengers in Gartner Magic Quadrant in BI

BIRST is a business intelligence and analytic service provider based out of San Francisco which is steadily gaining grounds in cloud platform. Birst also featured as a CHALLENGER in “2013 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics”. Another contender in Gartner’s Challenger quadrant is LOGI Analytics (LogiXML) riding high on its ability to rapidly create, business intelligence and analytics application on-premise. These are two companies to watch out for in coming days as they seem to get much of attention in BI space and both are well positioned in cloud and on-premise platform respectively.

Speaking of LOGI Analytics, a relatively mid-size company as compared to other major BI players it packs a punch when it comes to its ease of use, mobile capabilities, multiple web browser support and unlimited user capabilities. It has a dominant market share in reporting OEM market as it is highly embeddable, along with other open source players like Pentaho and Jaspersoft. The LOGI V11 saw significant acceptance among enterprises in 2012 with enhanced visual presentation and interactive functions, such as advanced selection, filtering and functions (according to Gartner). BIRST is flexing its BI muscles to get a share of this market.

What’s the Future?

When it comes to Cloud, BIRST is gaining momentum given the breadth of functionality and features besides its low cost of ownership. Another competitor who is faring well on cloud platform is GOOD-Data. BIRST also faces stiff competition from other cloud based vendors who have a solid grip in Mobile space.

The Cloud vs On-Premise debate is not going to end anytime soon.Yet players in both the categories are expanding their market shares. Massive developments are being made to offset cloud vulnerabilities involving security, data integrity and privacy. From data discovery phase to diagnostic analytics phase, BI is still growing. Those fast enough to provide predictive and prescriptive solutions to the market as early as possible will dominate. Pro tempore, it is interesting to watch how the industry is providing diagnostic analytics solutions to enterprises. In addition, as we are expanding our network of proprietary BI vendors, we recently partnered with LOGI-Analytics to help enterprises deploy the best of breed analytics solutions. Read more about our partners