Java Topples C in Language Popularity Index

Warning: This post can hit C folks like a TON of BRICKS!

But, don’t worry! It’s a cat and a mouse chase in the programming world, especially when it comes to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Java and C language w.r.t *Tiobe’s index.

History Repeats!

Back in 2013, Java made headlines by moving past C to lead the Tiobe’s index. It repeated this feat after more than one and a half years recently, thanks to Android!!

The Tiobe index is updated monthly and since April 2015 till end August, Java has been enjoying the top spot. Java is also steadily widening the gap with the number two contender C on a month-on-month basis. Now, it is almost 4.5% ahead of C which is at 14.7%.

The top position was held by C for a long-time (for nearly two years) until recently challenged by Java. Experts like Paull Krill favor the growing popularity of Android as one of the reasons for its resurrection.  However, the, fact is, the revamped new avatar of Java 8 which was released with expressive features and functionalities in 2014 cannot be ignored.

So, who’s behind Java’s popularity?

Android’s Growing Adoption

 Android accounted for about 83% of smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2015, according to IDC. From Kitkat in 2013 to Jellybean and Marshmallow, Android is racing ahead.  However, barely 18% of current Android devices are using the most current version of the software, launched in 2014. Nearly three-quarters of Android’s user base are still on the KitKat and Jelly Bean versions launched two and three years ago, respectively. What does this signal?.. #goodnews


#goodnews.. As the three-quarter users upgrade to a newer version, Java’s popularity is set to remain steadily on top for some more time, until C does some magic.

  • Tiobe –A company based in Netherland specializes in assessing and tracking software’s quality across the globe. Its programming community index is compiled based on a formula that factors into 25 search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Baidu etc.  to calculate its ranking. Read more about Tiobe

Note: The Tiobe’s ranking doesn’t reflect which is the best programming language or the language in which most numbers of codes were written. But, it is based on skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors.

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