Leverage The Power of Open Source in your Offshore Software Development Projects

Offshore Open Source Project Development

Selecting an unsuitable offshore software development service provider may dwarf your IT investments leading to heavy losses. However, leveraging open source capabilities in your offshore software development endeavor is a great way to offset some risks and to produce software applications that are less expensive and less resource extensive.

Why Open source for your offshore software development projects?

Commercial software products are well equipped with features that offer better marketing edge. However, several attributes like stability and security get a back seat. On the flipside, open source allows you to tap into the community of expert developers and sets a better foundation to build quality software especially for offshore software development projects.

Open source is a better way to leverage license free codes that are easily auditable by anyone. Let’s take an example to prove this point. Suppose a client decides to build a software in open source platform and therefore selects a partner residing in a remote location(offshore).

Now, during the project if the client is not happy or wants to change its team of developers who can take over a project from a certain point, it would be much easier for them to understand codes and infrastructure if it were based on open source. However, this would not be the case if the on-going projects were made using other platforms, as it would be difficult to understand their coding patterns and would require a lot of heavy lifting. Another advantage of using open source is that the clients get solutions with complete source codes.

Depending upon whether a client chooses to outsource internationally, locally or near source software development projects, open source can be a great platform to leverage developers who are highly motivated and passionate about coding as the open source community tends to attract developers who are highly motivated and seasoned professionals who are passionate about coding.

These developers provide quality software builds as they have access to source code and debugging tool which means you don’t need to have a robust testing team to fix bugs associated with each build and you can ensure maximum test coverage and manage timeline effectively.

Thus, we see one of the best ways to build quality software application that are cost effective and less resource intensive, is to utilize open source capabilities along with your offshore software development strategies. Open source platforms are a great way to offset the risks associated with offshore software development projects.

Moreover, when you are working with a community of developers who are highly motivated and driven by their coding skills, you are bound to get better solutions.