Make Sure You Are Not a Victim of Ransomware Attack

A few weeks ago, I was trying to surreptitiously pay off a speeding violation ticket such that my wife would not know, and that’s when I encountered another problem. The Baltimore payments portal was not accepting payments, and said that they were the victims of a ransomware attack. In fact, the whole City of Baltimore was a victim and all the records for several years were locked out with the cyber thieves demanding a huge amount of money. Towns in Florida paid huge amount of money recently to cybercriminals. Not following basic simple security protocols can land your company into a ransomware mess.

Gartner says, “Malwarebytes found that ransomware families have grown by more than 700% since 2016, and Datto asserts that as many as 35% of attacks are resolved through paid ransoms. Threat analysis isn’t about the threats themselves. It’s about the organization’s specific vulnerabilities and the exposure of those vulnerabilities.”

Don’t lose sleep over the threat of ransomware attacks. Don’t be vulnerable and take steps today. Do what you can and follow basic systems and processes to prevent them. Learn more about how being smart in IT can help you reduce the risk. Talk to Raghu, our IT specialist at Trigent and get a free assessment done.

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  • Nagendra Rao

    Nagendra Rao is the Vice President - Sales and Marketing and leads Trigent Software's global sales and marketing initiatives. Nagendra has 20 years of experience in the ISV, retail, e-commerce and marketing industries. Prior to joining Trigent, Nagendra worked at Hughes Networks, Tata Consultancy Services and Crompton Greaves.