Natural Language Programming (NLP) – A must for eCommerce sites

The secret of a successful mobile/web application depends largely on the user experience and its value to end-users. By and large, industry experts agree that for a product to be accessible by end-users, the app or  website must completely capture their attention.

With e-commerce dramatically replacing brick and mortar showrooms, the competition to hold viewer attention has taken on gargantuan proportions. Users often leave web pages in 10-20 seconds, and that is the length of time to convert a visitor into a customer.  Also, with the internet making it far easier to access reviews, most users check for product reviews before committing to a buy. Reviews, therefore, help to convert visitors into customers and their importance cannot be undervalued.  It is for this reason, that NLP (Natural Language Programming) becomes really important. The official description of NLP is  that it is a precise formal description of some procedure that its author created. It is human readable and it can also be read by a suitable software agent.

When NLP is incorporated in an eCommerce site, it can help with quick decision making, as the customer gets clear, precise reviews, such as,   a `yes’, a `no’ or a `maybe’.   Since it `speaks’ the language of the user it could lead to far more visits, thereby improving Google ranking.

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  • Anubhav Jha is experienced in web development and specializes in languages such as PHP, MySQL, Linux and Java. He specializes in geo-spatial databases, CRM designing and search algorithms. His technology interests span machine learning, NLP, Analytics and Big Data.