Posting Invoices & Cash Receipts in Dynamics GP Using Post Master

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a mid-market business accounting software package used extensively in the Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Project, Payroll functions in an organization.  However, when it comes to automating Sales and Purchases, there can be some challenges and in this blog I will outline them and also share some effective ways to overcome them.

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  • Maintaining Invoices for Online purchase items in Dynamic GP requires human intervention for creating and posting the invoices in GP.
  • It would be difficult to manually maintain hundreds of invoices.
  • Dynamics GP does not support end-to-end automating process as the system is built for end-user confirmation for posting invoices or cash receipts for the invoices.
  • Automation using GP Web services or GP E-Connect would not be possible for programmers as it requires learning a the new programming language called ‘Dexterity’.

How to Overcome these Challenges?

  • Complete the final step of an integration process by automatically posting Invoice or cash receipt batches.
  • Eliminate repetitive posting tasks.
  • Reduce the burden of requiring operators to remember to check if batches need to be posted.
  • Achieve real-time information accuracy
  • Immediately reflect real-time inventory and account activity giving customers and staff up-to-date information.
  • Schedule after-hours processing
  • Control when batches are posted. This allows for freeing up of system resources at critical times of operation.
  • Multiple reporting options.
  • Application runs as a Windows service.
  • GP client is not required to be running.
  • Does not consume a GP user license
  • Can be configured to automatically start when the host computer starts.


  • Chandra Sekar

    Chandra Sekar works as Technical Leader with Trigent Software. He comes with over 11 years of experience in Microsoft technologies and has worked extensively on client-specific research and development. Chandra is also good with databases (Microsoft SQL-Server & Oracle)for Architecture & Performance tuning. He has a keen interest to learn new technologies and enjoys listening to music and traveling.