SharePoint Consulting- How to Step Up your SharePoint 2013 Site Performance ?

SharePoint Consulting – Achieve Optimum Site performance by setting Quotas

Congrats! Your SharePoint consultant might have got your SharePoint 2013 site up and running in less two weeks. His SharePoint consulting has helped you put in place a great collaborative foundation to reap the endless benefits the revamped version has to offer. But wait !!… Even though you have successfully deployed your site, your implementation strategy might still crash.

One thing that is often dropped out of your SharePoint implementation plan or while availing SharePoint consulting services from a consultant, is a proper governance control strategy. This has a notable impact on your site performance affecting storage space and processing speed. So, Here’s a context to get you reading.

It is normal for a site collection to grow exponentially as several sub sites will eventually grow out of it over a period of time. There would also be instances where several sites will not be in use, lost and forlorn and sometimes out of control as more and more information will be dumped into it. While these sites will not be in use, they will still consume a lot of system resources affecting storage, networking and processing speed that can hamper site’s performance. Viewing through the lens of history, we have seen many SharePoint site getting into a chaotic mess, due to inefficient site management practices. According to a research almost 40% of the organization have shunned SharePoint because of the lack of knowledge about their SharePoint deployment size. Read more.

So how do you ensure your SharePoint site lives up to your expectations and facilitate the collaboration capabilities you longed for? Here’s how setting quotas help you save storage space.

Setting Quotas in SharePoint 2013

Setting Quotas get you that extra layer of tabs to control how much information a site collection can hold and set a threshold to prohibit information overload on the site when your sites run over the maximum allotted storage space. With quotas you can also govern the amount of resources a site collection can use. Quotas let you set storage limit values and warning limit values as well as resource utilization limits which applications cannot exceed. Read more on best practices for creating, editing and deleting Quotas.

Hence, it is advisable to keep tabs on the storage space (Also Read Document versions save you a fortune with Shredded storage) consumed due to the proliferation of unwanted sites affecting the system. The more time you allot for a proper site maintenance, the better off your site performance will be.

In the next post we will discuss about more tips to keep your SharePoint site in shape. Meanwhile an interesting read on Responsive Web Design in SharePoint 2013 by Subin Babu.