Why SharePoint implementation rather than using Shared Drives ?

Shared Drives vs SharePoint Development

We sift through thousands of documents and files to get the relevant information / documents / content in the shared drives. Searching these information in shared drives is like finding a needle in a haystack. Documents and files which are stored in shared drives, over a period of time duplicates due to multiple versions of the same document being stored.

In such a scenario it becomes difficult to retrieve relevant pieces of content due to the presence of duplicate versions in the shared drives. It takes a lot of effort to find the right document or set of information which consumes a lot of time and man hours.

SharePoint development and customization facilitate better information architecture and hierarchy to make information search as well as collaboration easier using its content management features. Before implementing these features in your SharePoint implementation planning, it is important to have a SharePoint consultant build your information structure using end users feedback and suggestions from existing end users. SharePoint consultants can help enterprises plan better content management solutions that can save time and make information worker more productive.

Find relevant documents at One place

SharePoint can be customized to centrally define and manage the content types by using metadata value that captures properties and characteristics of contents and store it in various departmental sites and help in unique identification of each set of content. This enables the user to search contents in a centralized manner and save more time thereby becoming more productive at managing these sundry tasks. SharePoint can also be customized to eliminate duplication of search efforts and helps users become more productive by retrieving relevant content fast.

What are Content types ?

Once the fundamentals of content types are understood it will be easier to understand the whole concept of content management. A content type is a collection of metadata, that encapsulates the characteristics of content or documents belonging to a particular content type and are assigned to documents. This helps unique identification of content matters and helps users get accurate search results. Content types can be used in a SharePoint site hierarchy and can also be used all together in a document library. Content types help in standardizing contents and make it easy to get accurate results.