SharePoint 2013 Customizations – Solutions or Apps?

Previous versions of SharePoint has promoted solution model for many customization’s. But with the new SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has introduced a new app model. This new app model allows developers to build applications in multiple languages, using standard web technologies, and hosted on cloud or SharePoint. The new app model comes with a new unified API “_api” that is OAuth enabled, fully remote, with over 2,000 classes and 6,000 members.

All these make a very compelling case for building custom solutions in the new app model. But wait…, what happened to the old “solutions” model – including the less popular sand-boxed solutions for SharePoint online? Should we completely abandon the solution model? Can we migrate our existing “solutions” to apps? What is the Microsoft prescribed way for partners to manage SharePoint deployments and customization?

A newly announced Microsoft webinar may answer these questions. Microsoft says:
“Join Senior Product Marketing Manager, Keenan Newton, and special guest Partner Director of Apps Program Management, Robert Lefferts, as we kick off our new site centered around migrating SharePoint solutions to apps. We will discuss the history of SharePoint customization and where the SharePoint development platform is going. We will also highlight the benefits of the cloud app model and answer any questions that you may have.”
The event is on Monday, May 20, 2013 9:00 AM Pacific.

Register at: Microsoft

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