SharePoint Development for Investment Consultants/Asset Management Companies

Investment Consultants Functions and Goals

Investment consultants formulate strategies and guide investors to make correct long term or short term investments. They constantly manage and monitor clients’ portfolios to meet financial goals. Their aim is to preserve and grow clients’ investment/asset over a long term and keep them abreast of latest financial products.

Further, they have to manage a large pool of client specific documents/artifacts and seamlessly mentor them over a long period of time.

Challenges for Investment Consultants

With a dynamic economic environment, Investment consultants face a lot of challenges before them both at macro and micro level. They have to review asset allocation more frequently than the fundamental ways owing to concurrent market swings. They have to calculate the magnitude of losses and constantly track macroeconomic variables.Their existing IT infrastructures are obsolete to handle these needs.

Internally, they have to manage a large pool of data, documents, artifacts pertaining to clients and constantly collaborate with them in order to meet their financial goals. At present environment, clients are seeking consultants who can offer personalized and value added services. A high turnaround time in responding client queries often results in competitor switch. Also, the absence of collaborative communication may hamper their relationship with clients.

Apart from the above challenges there are several in-house challenges that linger in current investment consulting firms:

  • Investment Research
  • Investment product evaluation and performance measurement
  • Customer relationship management
  • Lack of Value added services offered to clients
  • Usage of Obsolete/Legacy Systems to manage clients data
  • Un-Structured Data Management
  • Downgraded system performance
  • Single Point Access to Data
  • Low collaboration with clients

How a SharePoint Set-up help?

A SharePoint Set-up renders a collaborative platform in the form of Corporate Intranet for investment consultants to share information related to clients’ activities, better interact and engage with clients, enable value added services by providing customers with research reports, whitepapers etc. It can build a central repository of data and can allow single point access to fetch relevant documents pertaining to clients’ portfolios. Apart from these SharePoint 2010 offers host of other features to manage document types, retention policies etc. Investment consultant can also utilize other SharePoint features like document versioning, task listing etc. to improve task visibility and employee collaboration. Configure indexing services and build custom search service for faster, accurate search results. Learn More about SharePoint Installation.

SharePoint Integration with Existing System

SharePoint Consultant can help integrate existing CRM with SharePoint to overcome native functionality limitations of CRM by creating a central repository of data. They can facilitate integration of SharePoint with other in-house customer LOB application used to generate research col-laterals.

SharePoint integration enables consultants to have a consolidated view of data residing systems to improve TAT and user experience.

SharePoint Customization & Application Development

Apart from host of in-built features, SharePoint can also be customized and developed according to clients requirement. SharePoint Custom Scripts can help monitor database growth and compartmentalize database to keep system performance optimal. It can also help migrate obsolete clients data from legacy systems to SharePoint for better exception handling and control. SharePoint can also be developed using custom codes for data clean up and maintenance to reduced maintenance overheads. To know about our services, Visit SharePoint Consulting