So, How Secure is Your Mobile App ?

It’s no surprise, today, we hardly find a business without mobile presence. No longer can businesses afford to become mobile agnostic. Mobility has made deep inroads from enterprise corridors to our daily lives.

Right now, somebody is hacking..

Right now, while I am writing this, there are thousands of online transactions taking place on mobile apps across the globe and at the same time, thousands of companies devising their mobility roadmap.

On the darker side, there are millions of hackers busy in hacking!  But on the opposite side, mobile security teams and companies are working their way out to do their best to tackle the situations!

Each day, the number of mobile apps are rising in biblical proportion across App stores.  But as the number of these apps rise, so are the numbers of hackers and a new story to back the latest hack.  Mobile App development is a fast paced process and the time to market an app should be very quick. A little late entry can make way for the competitors to capture the market quickly. At such fast paced competitive dynamics, developers and companies spend a lot of time in finalizing the Functionality, User Interface (UI), User eXperience (UX), Business logic, Performance, QA etc. At the same time, most of the people neglect security aspects of their mobile applications as most of the time the focus is on rolling out their app to the market in a shortest time possible.

When an app is released in the app store without due consideration to security, the results can be catastrophic.

We have recently published an article on our site that talks about all these security aspects. Here are some of the talking points:

  • Security aspects of mobile apps
  • Impact of not giving much importance to security and
  • Few minimal set of security measures to be taken while developing a mobile app.

How Secure is Your Mobile App?

We are also in the process of publishing a whitepaper on ‘Security in Mobile Applications’, which is an exhaustive paper covering all the security aspects related to mobile applications. You can expect that in next few weeks. Keep watching this space for the same!

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