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SharePoint Online

Enable/Disable Modern UX in SharePoint Online with PowerShell & CSOM

Microsoft has announced the rollout of several new enhancements to SharePoint Online team sites in Office 365. These  enhancements are the Modern UX for Team Site publishing pages/new web parts and OneDrive for Business sites in SharePoint Online in Office 365. Modern lists and support for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, Modern Document libraries, Site Contents Page of […]

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SharePoint Migration Tools

Comparing SharePoint Migration Tools

Microsoft SharePoint periodically releases newer versions with advanced features. There is value-add in every release, making migrating to newer versions beneficial for customers. The migration process can be executed using a manual approach or with a tool.  in case a tool is preferred, it is important to note that there  are several tools available today that support SharePoint migration from […]

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SharePoint Sprawl

What is SharePoint Sprawl?

Introduction SharePoint Sprawl explains a situation where an excessive number of unattended or rarely used SharePoint sites and content,  farm. A perusal of such sites will have outdated information or unknown ownership. SharePoint sprawl happens when an organization implements content management in the enterprise without rethinking it’s usage or plan structure.

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Business Value

5 Ways to Maximize Business Value in Insurance with SharePoint

Today, enterprises have become data-intensive! It is all about controlling expenses, increasing efficiency and above all engaging with customers. The insurance Industry is no exception. To generate a significant business value proposition, improve collaboration among employees and ensuring documentation is properly produced, controlled and audit-able, several insurance companies are harnessing the power of Microsoft SharePoint. […]

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SharePoint Online and Salesforce Integration

SharePoint online and Salesforce are two different cloud platforms, provided as “Software as a Service” from two different vendors. SharePoint is a cloud based “Software as a Service” using which organizations can share content with colleagues, partners, and customers. SharePoint online also provides flexibility to access it from anywhere, i.e. home or office or wherever […]

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