Three types of SharePoint customers, which type are you?

Microsoft’s most revered collaboration platform, SharePoint boasts of more than 125 million users, and its user base is still expanding. Ironically, very few of these customers truly realize its full potential. During our customer engagements, we frequently come across many qualms that decision makers have regarding SharePoint.

Most of them cite concerns like – “I already have SharePoint, why do I need you”? or “I have already implemented SharePoint, how do we proceed now”? Or more frequently – “I don’t have any SharePoint requirements”.

Most customers use SharePoint for a very specific business need and rarely go beyond the stereotype. Microsoft’s flagship enterprise platform is powerful enough to address most critical business problems spread across departments & businesses.

This article intends to highlight the different types of SharePoint customers and their maturity in adopting the platform.

Type 1: Point Solution

Organizations that figure in this phase are those who perceive SharePoint from a specific business function or immediate business need such as Sites and Communities for internal collaboration. The focus is on solving specific business challenges at hand.

Type 2: Departmental Solution

Climbing up the maturity ladder, organizations in this phase are those who are familiar with SharePoint but and maximize its usage for specific business department. The common perception organizations hold is that SharePoint is well suited for specific business functions such as Document Management, Workflow & Team collaboration. These customers make the most of those specific functions for business use.

Type 3: Enterprise Platform

As SharePoint adoption matures, users are well versed with most of its functions and capabilities. Organizations consider SharePoint in their strategic plans and even evaluate SharePoint as an enterprise platform. For instance, every time there is a new business need, they go to the drawing board to evaluate whether SharePoint can address it. Such customers are thought leaders in their own right and make the most of what SharePoint has to offer.

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