Trigent Heroes

Dear Colleagues,

Trigent HeroesBattered by floods, the residents of Cuddalore District in V, over the last two weeks, have watched flash floods and torrential rains sweep away families, belongings and everything they had identified as their own.

In the Trigent office at Bangalore, six people decided to make a difference and planned to visit Cuddalore to participate in the relief activities and contribute whatever they could to lessen the pain and hardship of the people. Vijay Sam, Senthil Kumar, Ramesh. S. Rajesh Kanna, Barathkumar and Sham were soon joined in their enthusiasm by over 70 people from the Bangalore office who donated money, food and supplies.

Trigent Relief fund

The six-member team, ‘Cuddalore Relief Fund’, went to the rain-torn and worst affected areas within Cuddalore on December 6, 2015, to distribute relief material including water, medicines, food and blankets.

Trigent HeroesSumming up the experience, Vijay Sam says, “It was a collaborative effort. Multiple people, including the leadership team, helped in organizing funds, coordination and planning, transportation, loading, packing and delivery. I am truly glad to have been a part of this team.”

Trigent HeroesFor Senthil it was not as much about personal safety as about what he was required to do. “We received information that a lot of relief materials are distributed in Chennai while Cuddalore was being sort of overlooked. We thus chose to distribute relief material in Cuddalore.” He says, matter-of-factly.

Trigent Heroes

We, all at Trigent, are extremely proud of this overwhelming show of solidarity. Trigent as a company would also like to participate by making a matching contribution toward this initiative.

Thank you all for taking up this challenge and working toward a good cause in a timely manner.