4 Solid Reasons, Why you should choose Office 365 over Google apps

A recent report released by OKTA, indicates that Office 365 ruled the Cloud roosts by being the most widely used cloud service by enterprises both big and small. OKTA, a San Francisco company,  builds identity management products.  It has an active customer base of 2500 customers from small to large companies.

The same report observed Google Apps for work at 4th place. This does not come as a surprise. Though, Office 365 and Google apps For Work provide similar services, there are four key areas where Office 365 gives Google Apps a run for their money.

To begin with, Office 365 takes a holistic approach to business productivity as compared to Google which has a narrower focus.in that it does not provision solutions to manage all workloads. Secondly, Office 365 allows enterprises with commercial grade reliability and the flexibility to innovate at workplace and provides complete support as compared to Google Apps For Work, which provides limited support.

Summarizing the difference, Microsoft emphasizes the ways in which it is different and better when compared with Google Apps For Work.

Office 365 allows enterprises to innovate

Office 365 delivers complete set of capabilities to innovate. This allows enterprises to build solutions to meet business needs, rather than building solutions on features to solve a business problem.  On the other hand, Google apps for work have limited or no provision to safeguard innovation.   Thus, Microsoft commitment to continuous innovation has helped them outpace Google at work. Recent array of innovations include Office Graph and Delve, Office for iPad & I-phone & Android, Yammer, Office sway and so forth, sets Office 365 ahead of the pack.

Office 365 has a financially backed service level

Office 365 comes with a financially-backed service level agreement that allows enterprises to feel confident while working on Cloud. On the other hand, these missing security capabilities in Google apps for work with limited support, and unclear terms put data and privacy at risk while letting suspicion seep through.

Google apps are never designed for Hybrid environment

Google offer consumer oriented productivity with limited support. Google apps were never designed for Hybrid environment which makes it difficult for enterprises to work with Google apps. On the other hand, Office 365 helps enterprises move to the cloud at your own pace with enterprise proven reliability and control.

Holistic Solution

Google apps does not support common enterprise workloads while Office 365 meets all commercial productivity demands.

Interesting times ahead for Office 365 as it is constantly easing into the cloud, allowing enterprises to choose their preferred working style, rather than abruptly shifting to a cloud-only workplace.

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